Gilded Age EP

by Gilded Age

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self-released CD.


released December 23, 2009

recorded by Matt Weinberg at Glass House Studios in Chappaqua, NY.



all rights reserved


Gilded Age New York

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Track Name: Golden Heart
Can't wait for you, can't turn back through. I'm on a mission; my eternal life is pulling me again.
I and I, open sky.
One man, forty hands, living brazen, firm, and even. Dark times, bright days. Always keep faith.
Greatest art, golden heart.
Track Name: Aghast
Stand apart for just a moment, see the faces in the crowd. A gasp, a realization, an aghast observer of the now.
Just a moment, stand before it, to see the futures I've let drown. The altar of regret and hate and love and time and faith and waste.

How I loathe these iron curtains that we raise.
So much for power in so many ways.
Track Name: Monster Head
Fraught with hope of redemption.
Wrought with the hearts of the damned,
These people look at me helpless,
These gates decay into sand.

Monster lore
Lives at hand

There's a sickness in my head, but I don't care anymore.
There's no one who could abhor me if everybody's dead.
Track Name: Failure
You think you've got a plan, but I think you don't understand. You need to know your left from right before you can try to make your own life.

You will be a failure.
Track Name: Head First
Weekend Punks--and holidays, too.
Just another kid hanging with the Punx Crew.
He isn't really fake, he just isn't very cool.
Misunderstood misanthrope with better things to do.

Weekday Punks, nine to five.
Gotta wake his ass up, gotta get to Punx on time.
Fitting in with anarchy is pretty fucking tough
So cut this guy some slack, he works hard enough.
Track Name: Mouths Agape
God let me be God and leave.